Spring Training Class: Download an application!

January 2018 – If you are interested in this year’s training class, or if you know someone who would enjoy it, use this link to share an application for the upcoming class. The class begins Feb. 15. Contact Monica Hoel for details: mhoel1985@gmail.com

HRVMN Membership Dues

Are you up-to-date on your dues? Please send your check for $25, made to HRVMN to our Treasurer, Amanda Baxter, at the following address: Amanda Baxter, 313 John Street, Marion VA 24354

VMN Continuing Ed Webinars

Are you in need of some continuing education to meet your certification? Don’t forget about the webinars offered through the Virginia Master Naturalist website. Webinars are updated routinely.

Online VMN resources

In case you’ve misplaced the manual/notebook you received during your basic training class: At the VirginiaMaster Naturalist website, you can find the State guidelines and policies plus other Master Naturalist vital information. Here’s the link:  http://www.virginiamasternaturalist.org/documents.html#policy  

Need to Update Your Volunteer Hours?

Remember: recording our volunteer time is important to the success of this program. And by recording your time, it will make reports easier to file at the end of the year. Keep those service records updated! Here’s an easy link to the Volunteer Management System.